Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Grumpy Boy!

After several weeks of doing so good, I've been in a blogging funk lately. But I'm back...

This is how Little Man has been the past few days.
 In his defense, he's teething and has a cold, so I know he doesn't feel good. 
 There's a sure way to make him happy. It works every time. I have a huge, growing to-do list, but I set it aside for a little bit to take him outside for a while this afternoon. I knew I wouldn't get anything done with him crying at my feet. 
 As soon as he was in the swing he was happy. He was perfectly content in the swing for a while, and we even played with the bubbles. But then that backfired....
 He wanted to blow them on his own, and was frustrated when that didn't work and I wouldn't let him just play in the soapy bubbles. 
 And we were again! Can't win them all. I think it's nap time...for both of us! :)