Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thank You Pinterest {Finger Painting}

We attempted another Pinterest project. Click here to see the pin I pinned, although I've seen several versions on several websites. Anyway, I was feeling a little like a not-so-good mommy. I was questioning whether I do enough "toddler activities" with my little man. So I quickly went to my "Activities for Kids" board on Pinterest, Here, and started looking for activities I was brave enough to attempt. I'm not sure how this one got to the top of the list. Actually, I think it was mostly because there's wall space in his play room that needs to be filled. Anyhow, I gathered my supplies and we headed outside to get started. 
canvas (I had several on hand)
finger paint
brushes (cause my kid doesn't like getting dirty)
cups for paint
other sponges, paint brushes, etc.
Little Man does NOT like his hands dirty, so I knew from the beginning that this would not be fingerpainting. I gave him two sponge brushes, and a couple of other objects to paint with. 
He wasn't sure at first what to do, so I made the first mark. After that he was off. And any time he thought he needed more of a color, he'd point to the bottle to let me know what he wanted more of. 
He was very focused as he painted. All artists need to focus on their work.
I thought I'd just try sticking his hand in so he could "finger" paint. The reaction I got was what I expected. He was not happy!
He also realized how much paint was on his feet, and that made him not happy too. Good thing he couldn't see his face and tummy...or he just didn't notice. 
He walked over to his pool (which had blown across the yard cause we picked the windiest day of the year so far), and was very disappointed when he realized there was not water to rinse off in. 
Our supplies, I had some shaped sponges & the loofah to add different textures. He used everything except the loofah. He tried it once, and moved on.
We decided a swing break was needed. I was pretty impressed that he didn't have much more paint on him. I'm telling you, my kid is a neat freak and doesn't like to be dirty. 
And back to finishing his painting...
I love his stance. He wouldn't just sit.
And this is the *almost* final product. It was drying. For his first "finger" painting, I was proud. Yes...this canvas will be going on his play room wall.
So brave mommies to toddlers, have you started finger painting yet? If your child is as good as mine, they'll be really clean. He went straight to the tub to wash off what little paint he had on him. It really was fun!


The Links said...

Don't ever doubt yourself as a Mommy!! You are wonderful!! I am so excited about this new stage that we are in where we can really do activites with our boys!! I can't wait to get started on some things I have on Pinterest as well!!