Thursday, November 1, 2012

Finger Painting

If you read this post, then you know that Little Man has been a little grumpy lately. Tuesday was one of those days. He was just a little on the whiny side all day. I was doing my best to keep him entertained all day. He kept pointing to the box on his shelf that contains the colors, paints, etc. So I let him color. While he was content there, I came up with this idea. I grabbed a canvas, and painted this tree. (Don't judge me; I'm not an artist.) When he was done coloring, we headed outside.
 Daddy was working outside, so we went to join him. I gave K the green, orange, red & yellow finger paints. I also gave him some know Little Man doesn't like his hands dirty. We don't really have fall around here, but I was going for the fall tree look. I helped him a little...just with keeping his brush on the upper part of the canvas, and with showing him how to get started. I think he did pretty good. And I was proud of the little guy...he actually put his fingers in the paint. Just a little. 
"Finger" painting his first tree helped to keep him happy. And that made me happy! I'm also happy I have a new piece of hand-made, fall decor...made especially by little man! :)