Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Little Man loves to be outside. When we visit his Grandparents in Dallas, he has lots of area to explore on their property. This past weekend, his dad & Grandpops took him to the pond to throw sticks in the water. It appears he had a great time!

 He also enjoyed swinging in both his swing & his grandparents. His grandparent's swing spins around in circles, and I think he enjoyed that. 

 He also enjoyed sitting in his little chair and throwing balls & the dogs and into the pond. I'm not sure how much Grandpops enjoyed him throwing the balls in the pond, because he was in charge of fishing them out. But I know he had fun!

 Here he's telling Sister "no no" to her grabbing at his balls. 
 And here, he's telling Grandpops it's time to fish out the balls in the pond. :)
 And these smiles let us all know that he's enjoying himself. Any time he's outside, he's enjoying himself...but especially at Grandparent's houses.