Friday, October 5, 2012

Sensory Bottles {Toddler Activities}

This has been our week of experimental toddler activities. So, to add to our pipe cleaner activity, finger painting, and play dough, we made some sensory bottles. I've seen several different versions of these on Pinterst, and have some pinned to my activities for kids pin board. There's no right or wrong way to make them. I just used four bottles from smoothie drinks Little Man likes and filled them with different objects. I used pom poms, glitter, beads, and bigger decorative jewels. I put them all in water except the small beads. I tried those in corn syrup to see if they'd move slowly. And they did....SUPER slow. It wasn't even fun to watch, so I ended up dumping it out, and just using water. Which he likes, cause he can hear them rattle when he shakes it. 
 He observed the bottles for a few min, and then quickly figured out he could stack them. After that he wasn't at all impressed with the contents, just stacking. 
 He could easily stack two, but was having so much trouble with the third. 
 So we spent a little time shaking the bottles, and watching the contents move around. 
 And then he discovered that rolling the bottles is pretty fun too! 
 And when I showed him the bottles were stackable this way...that was all he needed to see.
 The remainder of the time was spent stacking the bottles...and then knocking them down. Stack...repeat.  
 Stacking.....stacking.....and more stacking! 
We added the bottles to his play room shelf, and he pulls them down to play with throughout the day. I love fun, cheap, easy projects!


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