Thursday, October 11, 2012

National Night Out

Last Tuesday was National Night Out. I remember the street we lived on in my younger elementary years. We always participated in national night out. The majority of our street would meet in the cul-de-sac with their pot luck dish, and the adults would sit around and chat, while we kids chased lightening bugs & frogs. Or at least that's how I remember it. That was a long time ago. We haven't done much with neighbors since then. This year, however, the first responders of Rosenberg threw their own party...sort of. They all met up in the Target parking lot for a city wide NNO. McAllisters was there handing out free tea. There were several air bounces. Free popcorn, cotton candy, balloons, etc. We weren't going to go, but since my dad is the Police Chaplain, he convinced us to stop by. It was pretty late, and Little Man hadn't had dinner, so he was a bit on the grumpy side. He was not at all interested in giving me smiles. We made the mistake of getting a balloon as soon as we got there, so that's all he cared about for the rest of the night...mostly. 
He was not at all excited about sitting in the life flight helicopter. 
Or standing on the Firetruck. 
Or meeting Papa's police officer friends. 
Definitely NOT interested in sitting in the police car. 
But then he saw the air bounces. He's usually not a fan of air bounces, but this one had a slide. And he IS a fan of slides. 
There were so many crazy, big kids, so we didn't let him go in the air bounce. Daddy just set him on the slide part. That's all he cared about anyway.
He loved going up and down the slide. The balloon and the slide...that's all he cared about. 
Either crying for my pictures, or playing on the slide wore him out cause this is how he looked when we got home. Sometimes mommy just has to realize Little Man is not in a picture taking mood!