Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Yesterday we went to hang out with Little Man's buddy. We met for some late morning play at the park. We did all the fun park things. We slid down the slide, played on the swings, played in the dirt, and rode on the little seahorse. And some not-so-good things. K ended up with a busted lip from falling on the play set. It goes nicely with his black eye. :( I swear I watch my kid!!!

 I love this picture!
 Little Man had his tongue out almost the whole time he was swinging. I don't always understand him, but I always love him!

 He believes slides are for climbing up more than sliding down. 
After we played, we headed over to Willies for some lunch. We sat outside right by the sandbox so the kids could play while the mommies talked and ate. They came over to us for a some food whenever they needed a break. 

For the first time, we noticed they really played together. They "talked." It was so cute to see them interacting. I'm so happy that Little Man is going to grow up with some good buddies!


Joey Key said...

Micah: Hopefully one day, Kaden will have cool friends to grow up with and do adventurous things together. Maybe he will grow up to ride his friends' motorcycle into the side of the parents house! You'll have to let Nicole in on that joke.