Monday, October 8, 2012

FBC Fair

Friday night we went to the county fair with some of our friends. The highlight of the fair trip was definitely the petting zoo. Little Man walked around like he was in charge!
I was pretty impressed that he wasn't at all scared. He walked up to all the animals and petted & talked to them.
There were deer, goats, lambs, a calf, a llama (in a separate cage), & some kangaroos (also in a separate cage).
Little Man's friend wasn't sure what to think of the llama. He did try to give him a kiss at one point though. 
All the animals were hopeful that K had some food, and they were all disappointed when he didn't.
So disappointed, that some tried to eat his shirt and pants. And some got smacked in the face for trying. He's feisty that kid.
Next we explored the kid's farm. He loved pointing out the chicks and ducks in the cages.
And the goats...
I don't think he was too impressed with the pig. Not even sure he realized it was alive, cause he was sleeping the whole time. 
The baby chicks, those were a favorite!
We didn't do rides. We just walked through the park to take in the sights. This ride below is one I would NOT ride. It's one of those zero gravity rides. No harnesses, you just cling to the wall while it spins at a vertical angle. No thank you!!
We had a good time. I think K had fun. It's a preview for the State Fair that we'll be visiting this weekend.