Monday, October 15, 2012

State Fair

This weekend we went to Dallas to see Micah's parents and go to the state fair. When we first got there we walked through the Little Helpers Farm. K is still a little young for all the activities, but I think he had fun.
 He carried his little basket around, and we did our best to help him follow all the directions. 

  He watered the peach tree, and picked a peach.
 He picked some eggs. I think he liked this because he thought they were balls. 
 He picked some veggies. 
 He posed on the tractor, but I think he really wanted to ride it. 
 He couldn't reach the pedals, but his Daddy helped him.
 We went into the green house, and the big, walking tree was out. Little Man wasn't sure what to think.
 He enjoyed decorating a pumpkin.
 Daisy did not enjoy posing for me, but I made her do it! Mean sister, I am!
 I also made her pose with Big Tex. 
 K wasn't sure what to think of Big Tex. We had a great time at the fair. We picked the most crowded day to go (because of the OU & Texas game), but the weather was great, and we enjoyed ourselves!