Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Windowsill {Kaden Approved}

I know it probably sounds crazy, but the windowsill on our upstairs game room window is definitely Kaden approved. Other than his play room, I'd bet that this is his favorite spot in the house. Ever since he was able to pull himself up to just barely see over the ledge, he's been hanging out there. 
 He loves to sit and stare out this window. It over looks the main entrance to our subdivision, so there's constant traffic in and out. 
 He can be playing in the room and hear a big truck, and he runs to the window to watch. Sometimes it gets really quiet when we're upstairs and I'll panic wondering where he's disappeared to (like he can go anywhere!). 10 times out of 10, he's standing at the window staring. 
 And quite often, he'll bring toys to the window to have just in case he needs some added entertainment. You know, like when there's no cars going by. 
  Little Man is so good at playing & entertaining himself. Even the simple things, like a window, can entertain him for hours. 
Windows....who knew they'd be kid approved!?!


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I'm super jealous that you have a playroom. I always see cute playrooms on Pinterest that have me wishing we had one. I feel like the day we can actually afford a bigger house we won't need a playroom. :( Maybe someday!!!