Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Petting Zoo & Pumpkin Patch

Before we left Dallas Sunday morning, we went to a small petting zoo with a Pumpkin Patch. I had high hopes of getting some good photos, but those dreams were quickly shot down. When we got to the petting zoo, we discovered K was asleep & he was not ready to wake up. So we went to eat lunch hoping that he'd rest, then be in a good mood for the zoo/pumpkins. It worked...sort of. He did nap, and eat, but he's just not at a good photogenic age. He's very photogenic, but he thinks he's so big that he can do everything on his own, and stopping to smile for the camera is not on his agenda! So, I just tried to snap good pics while he walked around.
 He loves petting the animals, and is not at all afraid!
 The baby goats were so stinkin cute!!
 He wasn't quite sure what to think about the big tortoises. 
 We see ducks all the time, so he wasn't too impressed with them, but he did love this little picnic bench. It was just his size. I think we might need one of these for the backyard! 
 He had fun walking around all the pumpkins, that is until I tried to get him to take some posed pics. 
 "Excuse me? You want me to do what? Can't you see I'm trying to play here?"
 Not at all amused! 
 So I thought tickling would does sometimes!
 And then I thought maybe Daddy could help. And here's our family picture for 2012! Happy Fall Y'all! :)
 And once I gave up on pics, he was perfectly content with the slides....
 checking out the pretty girl on this spin toy....
 and playing in the sand box. 
I guess my days of propping him up and making funny noises for a smile are over with.