Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big Legos {Kaden Approved}

This week on Kaden approved....legos. Last time Micah's parents were in town, his Grandpops bought him a big bag of legos. He loves to play with them.
 The bag is not terribly heavy, but I guess for a toddler it's a lot. That doesn't stop Little Man from carrying it to me, wherever I am, grunting the whole way, to ask me to open it for him.
 And then the stacking begins. He loves to stack...anything. 
 The funnest part about stacking, is that you can knock it over just when you get it the right height.  
 And then the whole process starts over. 
 And if stacking gets old, they make good projectiles. Little Man can throw anything....and often does. We're working on that!
 So there you have it. We're mastering the art of tower building with big legos. And it's really fun!