Sunday, April 29, 2012

Korea Trip -- Day 8

Today was a little bit more of a relaxed day. Emphasis on the "little." It started out relaxing for us anyway. The gang got up and went to Mass. Micah & I decided to stay back. I figured I was going to end up standing outside with Kaden anyway, so I just opted to stay at the house. Micah stayed with us. Once everyone got back and we lounged for a bit, we hit another market. This market reminded me of a combo between the streets of Mexico & New York & Harwin. Crazy right? Vendor after vendor of clothes, knock off purses, sun glasses, etc. Most of it looked so cheap you didn't want to take a second look, but the atmosphere was pretty fun to walk through. Below is one of several tanks of different fish. (see the pink eel-looking fish in the left corner?) I think it was a pick your choice of fish to eat place. Ewww.....
 This is a glimpse down one of the market streets. We went down several streets. There was street after street. At one point we took a little ally way, and it led us right out to another street. I thought we were going to end up behind a building or something. I'm not sure how people learn their way around this place. 
An example of one of the food vendors on the streets. Some of the guys were brave enough to try silk worm larvae. 
I. did. not.
Micah was almost gagging. I was about to gag just watching them eat it. Apparently it's quite the snack around here. People eat them by the handfuls! 
 Here's K. Enjoy the life of luxury. He's loved taking in all the sights!
 We took a subway to the river. Near the river was this little water area. Tons of kids were playing in the water. I stepped in to let K play in the water. It was ice cold! Didn't stop him from walking around. 
 We walked back and forth, but he'd stop and just stare at the big kids running around. I just know he was thinking, "why can't I run around like that??"
 Then we got tickets for the ferry ride. 
 And of course, Kaden attracted several fan clubs. Girls & guys alike, of all ages, love him! Side note: earlier in the day while we were hanging at the house, Kaden got fussy. Micah's dad took him down to the street. He likes to watch all the cars and buses go by. While he was out there (for probably less than 30 min), he counted 62 times that Kaden got his picture taken. About half of those were by a guy who gave him a business card for a professional photography business. We've checked his website, but haven't seen anything yet. I may be claiming free prints, or royalties to any advertisements!!
 Since we were out most of the day, K didn't get good naps. He took 2 short cap naps. This is what he looked like a lot of the ferry ride. Another side note: notice the wardrobe change?? Micah & I went to get Kaden from his grandparents so we could take a family picture on the ferry. When his grandpops handed him over to his daddy, I notice poop all over Kaden, Grandpops, & Micah. Not cool on a ferry ride! Micah & his dad had to undress K in the bathroom sink, and wash him down. Luckily, we had a change of clothes in the diaper bag! Alway be prepared!!
 We did get him to calm down for a family pic, but as you can see he's still not that happy!
 Until he started "tickling" his daddy. Then we got him laughing! It's the little things in life!
 Super model!!
 Once he calmed down, he practice his walking skills on the ferry.
We had a pretty chilled night around the hotel. Some of us ran to a taco place (similar to Bullritos or Freebirds), and others hit up McDonalds. I think we're all so tired at this point. Hopefully we'll get to bed at a decent hour, and get a good nights sleep!


Amber said...

Love reading about your trip!

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