Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Fun

Ok, so I might have gone a little overboard on Kaden's first Easter baskets. Let's start's not a basket. 2 reason: first, the wagon was so cute!! Second, Kaden doesn't need a basket, and the wagon will actually come in handy. It came with beach toys. I was going to order a monogrammed Easter basket, but this was more than half the price, and more useful! Most of the goodies in his basket were $1 or $2, so it wasn't as bad as it looks! Promise! And we do know the real reason behind Easter, and it will definitely be taught to Kaden! 

Micah also got an Easter basket. His contained a new pair of flip-flops, his favorite pens, & some of his favorite snacks.

I believe Kaden was overwhelmed with his goodies. That, and he had just woke up from a nap. He loves the bells...mommy, not so much. I knew he'd like them cause he plays with them at story time. He also got a couple books, a bubble gun, some bath toys, yogurt snacks, a stuffed chick that makes noise, a frog plate, & an Elmo DVD.

After church we headed to lunch at Grammy & Papa's house.

Daisy & Cole kept Kaden entertained in his swing with his new bubble gun. He loved his big cousin Cole. He was laughing so hard at him.

 We had a great Easter with family! We're even more grateful for the reason we celebrate Easter!