Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kaden's 1st Birthday Party

If you're wondering why I haven't blogged since our trip, it's because we haven't done anything. Seriously...nothing! Besides laundry, sleep, lounge, order in food. It took us all a while to recover from that 10 day adventure around the world. But, for the most part, we have recovered. We had to. Because Saturaday was Kaden's big day. Well, not technically, it's today, but we celebrated on Saturday. Nothing too fancy. My goal was to have everything planned and ready before we left town, but that didn't happen. However, Micah was off the whole week we got back, so he helped me go into party planning mode when we were back and caught up on sleep. Anyway, we just did a little dessert party with a few friends and family. Little party, big fun! I figure a 1st birthday party is totally for the parents. Other than pictures, Kaden won't remember it. But we will, and we're glad we did it!

Kaden's Kandy Shop. (Yes, I realize it's spelled wrong. K for Kaden) The kids especially loved going home with a bag of candy.
 The birthday boy's seat!
 Kids, and adults, had fun coloring! Who knew a couple of coloring books, crayons & markers would be such a hit!

 Some of the sweets we had. Cupcakes, chocolate covered Oreos, ice cream sundaes, fruit pizzas, fruit kabobs, etc.
 Kaden was fascinated with the candles. He kept reaching for them. 
 He was not, however, as big of a fan of the icing. Apparently my little boy has a clean side to him. He just wanted it off!
 The clean cookie he could feed to himself was a hit though!
 And presents were lots of fun!! The tissue paper was really fun, but once he figured out there was even more in the bag, that was fun too!
 If only you all could enjoy the expression and sound he had when he got a glimpse of this bag of balls!
 If this boy likes anything, it's balls!
 He also loved this way cool toy his daddy picked out!
 And he was right in the middle of the ball fight that happened. He can throw a ball with the rest of the big boys!
 Once the party was over, he relaxed and had a little fun in the sun. 
 With some of his new toys. Every kid needs a bucket & shovel for the pool!
 I'm not sure who had more fun with the toys, Kaden or daddy. 
 We had such a fun day celebrating our little guy! I can't believe how grown up he is already!
 After the pool, he went right back to all of his new toys. There's so many new things to explore!
Thanks to all who came to celebrate, and those who celebrated in spirit!!!