Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bluebonnets...take 2!

My friend Melanie and I have been trying to take our boys to the bluebonnets for the past several weeks. Every time we've planned to go, it's either rained the day of or the day before. We've had to cancel and reschedule several times. We finally made it Friday. The bluebonnets are starting to thin, and you could see big patches where people have already stopped, but we did our best to get some decent shots. Of course, our boys stayed true to their ways, and they didn't give us many smile. We keep thinking they'll get better, but they haven't yet. Oh well....

 I'd like to point out that this (below) is Kaden's fake cry face. He makes a moaning sound like he's crying, but there's never any tears. It's sad how soon they learn!
 I brought my secret weapon (Daisy), and knew for sure I'd get some smiles with her there. Nope!!

 We had a good time! Melanie & I don't plan on giving up any time soon! We're going to have pics of our little guys together for every holiday and major milestone...smiles or not!!!