Sunday, April 29, 2012

Korea Trip -- Day 6

I'm labeling today "museum day," because we went to 2 museums. (maybe 3 because 2 were together) We started off at the prison museum. This is where the Japanese kept the Korean Prisoners of War. It was pretty interesting. It was in the actual prison that is still standing. This is how Kaden started off at the museum. After a fussy morning fighting his morning nap, he fell asleep in the Taxi to the museum. 
 He's had quite the life this trip. Being carried wherever he needs to go. In this picture he's asleep with his arms up behind his head, while his Uncle Zach & friend Adam carry him down the stairs.
 Inside one of the prison chambers. We almost left them there, but we decided to be nice. 
The small building beneath the tree is where the prisoners were hung. That tree is called the wailing tree. It's said that prisoners would grab on and wail as they were drug into the chambers because they would not live to see freedom from Japan. Behind that building was a secret tunnel dug that they drug the bodies to. 
 Micah and I in a garden outside the museum. Surrounding the museum were beautiful gardens & monuments. It's said that this area is a peaceful reminder of their freedom from Japan. 
 On the way to the next museum we passed some fountains. The kind that shoot up from the ground. Kaden was fascinated. 
 He would belly laugh every time one shot out of the ground and hit his hand. 
 Uncle Zach decided he needed to sit and play in the water for a bit. So we stripped him down. This little area was located in a median of a main road. I'm sure we got some looks. 
 We definitely drew a crowd. It started with just a couple people taking pictures of the cute American baby. 
 However, Kaden soon had a fan club. Girls were running across the street to get his picture. We draw crowds everywhere we take Kaden. I guess so many of them have never seen an American baby.
 This is a throne on the inside of King Sejong's Museum. He is said to be one of the greatest leaders in Korean history. 
 Zach & Jaeeun (pronounced Jay-une) on the throne. 
 I don't have any pictures, but connected to King Sejong's Museum was a museum for Admiral Yi Sun-Sin, one of Korea's famous naval leaders. He's famous for defeating the Japanese naval fleet. It was a pretty interesting museum. After the museums, a quick shopping trip, and rest at the hotel, we went out to dinner. As a break from Korean food, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant. It actually reminded me a lot of Chinese food, which I enjoyed. After dinner, we walked through the market and made our way back to the hotel. This is Zach & Jaeeun the night before their big day.


The Links said...

What a fun memory of all the locals getting a picture of your cute American baby!!