Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Fun

Last weekend the Rosenberg Police Dept. had an Easter Egg hunt for their families. Since my father is the Police Chaplain, he (and his family) were invited. They had the Easter bunny show up and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Kaden isn't quite old enough for an egg hunt, but we let him pick up a few. 

 He had more fun shaking them to hear the candy inside rattle. 

 And then he had fun chewing on the eggs. He wasn't at all scared or impressed with the bunny. He just sat chewing on his egg. He wouldn't smile or anything. 
 Daisy & Serena were trying to take a pic with the Easter bunny, but he was dancing & they were laughing, so it was pretty much a FAIL!
 We thought Kaden would like sliding down the slide in the air bounce, since he typically likes slides. But that was also a Fail. He wasn't a big fan. 
However, being thrown in the air...that was fun!!

 Smashing confetti eggs all over everyone...that was fun!!
 And chasing the big bubbles...that was probably the most fun!! He loves bubbles!!
We were so grateful that we were invited to the picnic. We had a great time!!