Monday, May 21, 2012

Waffe Time

Kaden's a fan of waffles in the morning. Mommy is too. They're easy to pop in the toaster. I buy the blueberry & strawberry flavored waffles, and he eats them dry.  
  I use to break little pieces off and put them on his tray. I'd leave the rest of the waffle sitting on the table until he let me know he needed a refill.
 A lot of times in the morning, I'll make use of his confinement in the highchair to unload the dishwasher, get dinner in the crock pot going, etc. One morning, I looked over, and apparently he had decided that he was too big for the little pieces.
 He had grabbed the big piece of waffle, and was enjoying it. I started laughing at him, and he gave me his sweet little "I know I'm cute" grin.
 It's true...he is cute!! And he's getting too big for his own britches! 


The Links said...

Pearson LOVES waffles too. He eats one almost every morning!