Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Pool Opened...Finally!!

Our pool finally opened last weekend, but we were so busy that we never made it over. This past weekend, however, with the extra day, we did manage to go over for a little bit. Kaden wasn't sure what to think at first. Although, he's walking pretty confidently by himself, he wasn't quite ready to let go of daddy's hands. I think it was all the people that were there. 
 He kept pointing to the water jets, but he didn't want to get too close.
 However, eventually he warmed up. And there was no stopping him. He wanted to be independent to move on his own.
 If he wasn't walking, he was doing the "Mowgli" walk. I'm sure the ground is rough on his knees. 
 He climbed in and out of the kiddie pool. I think he had more fun just climbing everywhere.
 When he was done with the water, he just wanted to walk around and explore. 
 The whole time he was walking (with or without daddy) he was making the weirdest humming noise. Micah & I are convinced he can only walking if he's making some sort of noise. 
 After the pool, we let our wet son crawl around in the sand. Serena & Daisy were playing in the volleyball court. And daddy was playing basketball with some neighborhood & youth kids. (I believe he's "singing" in this picture. We were laughing so hard at him cause he was either singing or yelling through the fence at the kids still swimming! He's a goof!!)
 A very wet & sandy K had fun walking & exploring all over. 
 We took the beach ball and he was loving it! He'd throw or push it, then go chasing it. 
 Daddy & some of the kids playing.

 Look at that intensity!!
 K thought it was so funny when Serena & Daisy hit the ball back and forth. They even let him hit it a few times, and he thought he was big stuff.  

 Then they sat and watched the sun set & the ducks swim by. I think K pointed out every duck. We had a great time!


The Links said...

We love the pool!! I love his little bear crawl!!