Wednesday, May 9, 2012

12 Months

 12 months. 1 year. Where has the time gone?
We haven't seen the Dr. in a while. Which is a good thing. For a while, we were becoming too good of friends. We go for his 1 year check up on Monday, so I'll update the stats then. I'm gonna guess around 21 pounds, and 23 inches. 
  Sleeping Habits:
Kaden has come so far in his sleeping. However, if anything will mess up a kid's good sleeping habits, it's a 10 day trip half-way around the world. It didn't take us long to adjust when we got to Korea, but it's taken us a lot longer to adjust being back home. The worst is that he's all messed up with naps. He doesn't want to take them at all, and we just can't have that! It makes for a grumpy baby!!
 Eating Habits: 
His eating is still fluctuating. Sometimes he eats a lot, and sometimes not so much. He's still a fan of feeding himself. He doesn't like eating from a spoon or fork. He likes to hold it himself. So this still limits what he can or will eat, but food in general he is a fan of! We're in the process of weaning him from nursing, and that has not been fun. But, all good things must come to an end! ;)
 New Tricks:
We're so close to walking we can see it. The most he's taken at a time is 4 steps. He loves to stand without holding on to anything. He's always play, watch tv, eat. He loves to stand. He likes it when we sing to him. Songs with hand motions are his favorite. He's a climber. He likes to climb up, down, in & out. 
 Dr. Visits: 
No Dr. visits! We go Monday for his 1 year check-up.
 General Observations: 
Kaden loves the outdoors. And the warmer weather means we've been spending more time outdoors. He loves to swing, ride with me on the bike, and play in his pool. We're anxiously awaiting our neighborhood pool to open!!  He's developed a little attitude. Don't let that sweet smile fool you! It's amazing how early kids learn to throw tantrums, arch that back, or hit when they're not happy. However, we're working hard to end those bad habits quickly! 
 We love that we just celebrated our little man's birthday, but can't get over how quickly the time has passed. I'm afraid if I blink, he'll be graduating before I know it! So our goal in life is to enjoy every day with him! Cherish every memory--every good, not-so-good, funny, etc. thing he does! We love this kid!