Wednesday, May 30, 2012


My brother just bought (with the help of my parents...come one, he's a college kid!) a new trailer in College Station. He's what you refer to as "anti-social" and doesn't like room mates. Not really...but kinda! So, anyway, on Memorial Day we drove to College Station for the day to see his new place and took a walk/drive down memory lane. Serena has never been to CS, so we narrated as we walked around campus & drove through town. Daisy has always said she wants to go to A&M (like her big sister), and since Serena is her BFF, she does too!
The girls in front of Kyle Field. 
We were excited to see the new MSC, but it was closed for Memorial Day. The bookstore attached was open, so we were able to look in through all the doors and windows. And since it was so, stinkin hot outside, Kaden was excited about the dunk in the new MSC fountain. He would have been perfectly content hanging there all day. 
The girls in front of the fountain.
Two former & one future Aggie. :)
We showed the girls the Century Tree. Since Micah and I didn't get engaged until after we had moved away from CS, we had never walked under it. 
And neither had my parents.
And Kaden just had fun chillin on one of the tree branches. He didn't want to get down. 
And my sweet sister (who was not at all in the mood for pics!)
I always love going back to CS and talking about old memories! Oh the good 'ole days of college!!


Amber said...

I miss Aggieland!! Looks like ya'll had a nice time. I love that Daisy wants to go there.