Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day...a little late!

This is me last Mother's Day. Rough...I know. But, I had been in labor all day, and didn't know it until I got to the hospital and was told my water had broke, and I was 7 cm dilated. We met Kaden about 30 min later.
Yes... it was close & fast. And nothing will ever top that Mother's Day. I had secretly prayed the night before that if God wanted me to meet K on Mother's Day, I'd be pretty cool with that, but I would have never imagined it going down like it did. I love telling his birth story, although I don't think I have here. It's a little TMI...not sure I'm quite ready for it to be out for all the world to see/read.
Anyway, this Mother's Day was much less stressful. After church, my dad & Micah let mom & I pick where we wanted to eat. We chose Willies. We love Willies. It was a beautiful day. They had all the doors & windows open. 
 Isn't my little family beautiful?? I have two handsome boys! They make this mommy very happy! 
 My mom makes me happy too! I'm so glad that God made her my mom.
 That night we went to my parents for dinner. My mom's birthday was the day after Mother's Day, so my brother fired up the grill for dinner. 
 K had so much fun swinging while Grammy shot bubbles at him. He was belly laughing as he tried to catch them.
I'm so grateful for a wonderful mom, mother-in-law, and mostly for being a mommy to this precious boy! I never realized how much I would love him, and it makes me so grateful for how much my mother loves me and all she sacrifices for me!