Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my favorite boy in the world! This little guy makes our days brighter, our smiles bigger, and our hearts overflow with love! We didn't know how much better life could get, until he entered the world a year ago! I think I took my parent's love for granted my whole life, until I became a parent. I didn't realize you could love someone so much! The  9 10 months it took him to get here were miserable, but I'd do it a hundred times again cause he is so worth it! 
This is his new smile...showing no teeth. It's a "I'm being serious, trying not to smile" smile.
 I look at his sweet face and I want to laugh and cry all at the same time. I wish everyone in the world could know him like I do. I wish everyone was privileged enough to get to love like this, and be a mommy!
 Our prayer is that this little guys grows up to fall in love with Jesus, and do great things! We already know he has so much potential. We've seen it already in his short time with us! His little personality already shines through.
 We love this kid so much, and thank God for every day we get to share with him. For choosing us to be his mommy & daddy! It's the greatest privilege in the world!
(This is not my official 12 month post, just wanted to wish him a happy birthday! The post with stats, etc., will be up soon!)