Monday, May 21, 2012

Track Meet

My sister, Daisy, and her best friend, Serena, run on a select track team. They have meets every Saturday. I hadn't been to a Sat. meet yet. This past weekend, my dad was at a Men's Retreat, and Micah had to work, so I told my mom K & I would go with her to the meet. It was a LONG day! We sat out there for 8.5 hours to watch a total of about 15 min of running.
So, we had to find ways to kill time. And we did. 
We ate goldfish by the handful.
 We played with the beach ball.
 We took a nap. (Notice the pants have disappeared. My mother believes babies should roam around in a diaper. And it was 95 degrees!)
 We just looked cute!
 We stood at the fence and cheered on Daisy!
 We read books. 
 We looked out the fence at all the cars driving by!
 We played in the grass. He loves the grass! A lot of kids don't! He's 100% boy!
 We watched planes. (We were close to the airport, so landing planes flew right over us. Some were pretty low. Kaden would point to all the planes he saw pass)
 We played on Grammy's phone. 
 We played in the icy water from the ice chest.
 We watched Daisy run.
And again, yelled at all the cars passing by. (Also, this is the only time a little cottage cheese & rolls on your thighs are cute!)
 Look at that aggression!!
 And cheered on Serena!
We had a good time! It was a long day! But we enjoyed it. And since K loves being outside, he did so good!!!