Saturday, June 16, 2012

The List

Better late than never...right? There was some method to my being late. I waited until I saw everyone else's list, and then I took borrowed their ideas. :) See...I'm smart! I also added some of my own. And I'm sure there are things I want to do that didn't even make the list. Some things are a stretch, but I hope by putting them on the list, I'll be motivated to do them. For example, we have an ice cream maker we got for our wedding that's never been out of the box. I think this summer is the perfect time to change that! A few of these things we've already done. Anyway, it seemed like the "thing to do" this summer, and I don't need any added reasons to be un-cool. So here's our summer list: 

I also have a plan to take pics of each of these as we check them off our list so that I can share them here. I have a few that I need to blog about. I'll get on that. For some reason I haven't been too good at blogging lately. Its that a good excuse? If not, I'm out of reasons. I'll try to do better!


The Links said...

Yay for summer lists!!! You had some good ideas. I'll have to remember a few of them for next summer!! I seriously have had the best time checking our list off. It really makes me be intentional with my time with P this summer!!