Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I joined a MOPS group this year, and today was our first meeting. I didn't take pics...shame on me!!! I decided that, especially now that Little Man is older, we needed some more structured activities. So, we've got a few things on the agenda. I was eager to get him in some environments with other children, and get involved with other mommies. I'm really excited after our first meeting today. However, it didn't go over as smoothly as I would have liked. When I walked in Little Man's classroom to drop him off, I could feel his grip on my arm get a little tighter. The only time he's really separated from me is at our church on Sunday/Wednesday or if he's with his daddy or my parents. This was a new situation for him. He was the first kid in his class. One teacher stuck her hands out to him, and he declined. So, I tried to set him down, and he clung on tightly. Then I saw a pile of toys sitting on the mat, so we walked over. As soon as he saw them, he wanted down to play. He was playing fine on his own, and I snuck out. I had met another new mom walking in and her kid was in the same class. I was waiting outside for her to get away from her son. He was not letting that happen. He started screaming & crying, which led to Little Man crying. He thinks if another child is crying, he needs to cry too. One of the teachers picked him up, and walked out into the hall where I was hiding. She asked if it was ok to take him with her to the supply closet. I said it was fine, and he was content, until he saw me walking away. I thought I was in the clear once we got underway and my pager hadn't gone off. However, about half way through someone tapped on my shoulder and told me they were trying to page me. When I got in the hall, one of the teachers was waiting on me to let me know that he had been crying off and on the whole time. I think him and the other little boy were feeding off each other. So I walked down to check on him, but once I got there he was happy, and I didn't want to get him all upset. So I made it back to my meeting and they didn't have to page me again. When I went to pick him up, they said they had taken all the kids on a walk, and he loved it. However, as soon as he saw me, he started crying. Crazy boy! I hope he gets use to his class, cause I'm really going to enjoy mine!


The Links said...

I love the MOPS program at our church. Pearson does really well in his class bc it's at our church we are at every Sunday. Is yours at your church or a different one? He will get better!! Just keep going!! What do y'all do at your MOPS meetings. We always have breakfast, a speaker....which is usually really good, and then a craft every other week. Our crafts were really awesome last year, and then we have disscussion group with our table after all of that. It's so nice to get together with other Moms. Ours start next Monday. I can't wait!!