Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Swinging {Kaden Approved}

This week on Kaden Approved is one of Kaden's favorite past times.

 That's right...swinging!! Really Mr. K loves anything outdoors, but he really loves to swing! 

We put Little Man in a swing when he was little, and he was all smiles. 
We put him in a swing now, and he's still all smiles. As a baby, he would nap in his swing. And I've caught him falling asleep outside in his swing. 
Look at these smiles!!!
We can go outside to swim, eat watermelon, play in the grass, whatever...but we always end up in the swing. 
It's so nice to have an escape if Little Man is tired, grumpy, or needs to run off some energy. 
There are a couple of parks that we go to regularly to swing with a different view. 
So, this little activity is DEFINITELY Kaden approved!!! Therefore, it's mommy approved too! :)