Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Hair Cut

We took Little Man to get his first hair cut yesterday. He's needed one for a while, but it was one of those things we just kept putting off. So, yesterday we finally did it. When we walked in, they asked me to pick out a movie for him. Baby Einstein was on the list, so of course we chose that. And we picked out the firetruck seat to sit in. He was the only customer there when we went. All was well....
 Until she put the cape around him. He DID NOT like that. Hindsight, I should have just told her to cut his hair without it. I kept thinking the movie would calm him down. Baby Einstein always works!!
 Daddy brought him a train from the toys to hold on to, and that, with the movie, worked for a little bit. 
 And when she walked away to get a different comb, or something, he was fine.
 But then she was back, and he was not happy again. He was literally trying to get out of the seat. 
 So I thought maybe if I held him, he would calm down. By this time, she was almost done. She was super fast. And I'm amazed how straight most of the cuts are with the amount of moving & fighting he did. 
 And when she was done, he went right back to playing with the trains. 
 He was talking & as happy as he could be! 
 Until we left, and then he was mad cause he wanted the trains. So...I'm thinking I have a good Christmas present idea! 
The haircut was a success. He wasn't as happy as he could have been, but I wasn't shocked!! Next time I'll remember no cape & bring a sucker! Those always keep him entertained. When we got home, I was watching him run around playing, and I almost shed a tear. I told Micah we needed to take him back to get his hair put back on. He looks too much like a big boy now, and this momma is not ready for him to grow that fast!! But he sure is a handsome big boy!!