Monday, September 10, 2012

MOPS Play Date

Today we had our first Mommy & Me Play Date. Trying to get some last water & sun time before fall is officially here. We had a small, "cool" front this weekend, so it was actually bearable in the shade. 
 Still warm enough for the water, but we didn't feel like we were dying in the heat. We all packed a picnic lunch, and met at a local splash pad. Of course, Little Man downed some watermelon. 
 He had more fun playing with his ball than the water...which is not surprising. 
 Little Man has been hit & miss with Splash Pads this summer. He LOVES the water, but he likes to be in control of it. Splash pads are unpredictable, and you can't control whether you'll be splashed in the face or not.
 He stayed on the edge a lot, but he did end up running through the water when he needed to chase his ball around. 
 And he ended up much wetter than I thought he would get. 
 By the end, he did get *brave* and run through the jets a few times. 
And after being in the sun for over two hours, he was asleep before we backed out of the parking lot. I'm hoping for a nice, long nap this afternoon.