Thursday, September 27, 2012

Future Aggies

One of Micah's college roommates, Paul, lives about 20 min from us with his wife and baby. The rest of Micah's roommates are pretty scattered. However, his friend & roommate, AJ, along with his wife & baby girl, came to visit from Dallas. They were actually here visiting Holly's family, but they drove over to have dinner with us Monday night. So Micah & two of his buddies were all together with their wives & babies. This was actually the first time we all met Miss Kendall (AJ's baby). Her & Cameron (Paul's baby) are only about 5 weeks apart. And Kaden is about 10 months older than both of them. The two little ones played well together. 
 Kaden was more inclined to play on his own. We joked that he was too old to play with babies. Or it's just the only child in him!
 However, the babies weren't going to let Kaden play with all his cool toys by himself. 
 Cameron joined in on the fun....
 And eventually took over! One for Cameron!
 After we exhausted all the toys inside, we headed outside. Everyone took turns in the swing. Check out that hair! :)
 And little Mrs. K was was so tired, but she enjoyed the swing!!
 And after the swing, we hit the pool. We just hopped from toy to toy!
 Even little Miss K got in to feel the water, but she was ready for bed. Her early bedtime spoiled her fun...but I don't think she cared. 
 Before she went down, we tried to get a group pic of the daddies & their babies. 
 I took several pics, but this is about as good as it got. If the babies were looking, the daddies weren't. And if the daddies were, the babies weren't. 
 And then Kaden decided he had enough. And the other babies were looking at what's your problem??
 And then all was well again!
 We had so much fun chilling with all the babies Monday!