Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last Days of Summer

 Sunday afternoon we had a nice relaxing day/evening at home.  
 If there's one thing I know I can get Little Man to eat, it's fruit. Pretty much any kind.
  Watermelon & peaches happen to be his favorite right now, but we go through them all.
  He's gotten pretty picky lately about wanting to only eat with a fork. And while it is possible to eat watermelon with a fork, taking big bites out of a slice of juicy watermelon is so much better.
 However, when Little Man does it, it quickly turns messy, so we usually partake outside.
 And, at least for this biased mom, there's not much cuter than a juicy, watermelon face...especially when accompanied by a big belly! :)
 Oh wait...add in the swing. That just doubles the relaxed feeling.
 Now if this isn't just spoiled rotten...I'm not sure what is!
 And since we were outside, we just rinsed off in the pool. (This picture was taken either for blackmail when he's a teenager, or for his high school graduation!)
 This smile just melts my heart. 
 Ball (bah)...that's what he's saying in this pic.
 He's fascinated with balls. He loves them in all shapes & sizes. 
 It's amazing what grandkids can convince their grandparents to do. 
 And we tried to teach Little Man how to drink from the water hose. 
 He was pretty successful, except he would lower the hose without realizing it and end up bending almost all the way to the ground.
 It was definitely our definition of a fun, relaxing summer afternoon. 


The Links said...

What a fun day!! I love how he smiles so much for the camera. Pearson is SUCH A SERIOUS GUY!! I have to just be happy if he looks at the camera. He does smile alot for us, just not when I have the camera!! You are lucky!!!