Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Playskool Elephant Busy Ball {Kaden Approved}

I'm starting a new little series on the Blog. I got the idea from my friend Katy over at The Link Home...I read her blog often. She's a much better blogger than I, and I'm learning from her. I thought it might help if I had some specific topics to blog about. Not something for everyday...then I'd just get overwhelmed. However, I'm going to try to incorporate some scheduled blog series. The first is called "Kaden Approved." I'll feature things that are, well, approved by Kaden. Anything from toys, foods, baby & non-baby items. Items that may help other moms, or just give some insight to his little personality. First on our list is this toy: The Playskool Elephant Busy Ball toy.

He actually got this toy for Christmas last year, but was still al little young for it.

We thought he would like it because of the balls & noise, but it actually scared him. It's kinda loud. Almost sounds a little like a vacuum cause it blows the balls out of the trunk. 
When we would tun it on, he'd run out of the room. It was kinda funny in a mean-mommy kind of way. 
So it was put on the shelf in his play room, and he didn't really mess with it. 
This past weekend, he got another toy (that also involves balls) from his grandparents while they were in town. It made me remember this one, so we pulled it out.
Now he loves it, and is fascinated and excited when the balls shoot out of the trunk. 
 This thing can entertain him for a while. Which makes me happy too. The only problem we have is that the balls in this toy, and his other new toy, are jut slightly different in size which means they get stuck in the wrong toy. That makes for an unhappy baby. And it's hard for a 15 month old to distinguish between the two sizes.
Also, like most of his toys, the balls end up under the couch, buffet, table, etc. And when he's bored with the elephant, he just starts throwing the balls around. But...that's a boy for you!
So there you have it. Our first entry in the Kaden Approved series. Hope you enjoy, and hope this help me be a little more diligent in my blogging!


The Links said...

So fun!! Pearson would love that toy!! I love how you can really tell that he loves it in all the pictures. I haven't really decided what I'm going to blog about in my first Pearson Approved Series, but that's what I like about all the series I have started. Most of them I can just do whenever I want or they are once a month like my iPhone Rewind or Pearson's monthly post. I definitely like have set things to blog about and then I just throw in the daily life blogs here and there!! Thanks for the sweet compliment about my blog!

The Ross's said...

How old is he here? I saw this at walmart and was thinking about getting it for Christmas! :) LOVE IT!!

Micah and Nicole said...

He's 16 months in this post, but he got this toy for Christmas last year when he was 7 months. He was still a little young. He couldn't really work it himself, but he liked to watch it.