Monday, September 3, 2012

Galveston Day Trip

** Warning: Picture Overload! **

Micah's parents came in this weekend, so Saturday we decided to head down to Galveston for the day. We started at Moody Gardens, stopped at the beach to let Little Man experience the water for the first time, then headed to the strand to have dinner and shop a little before we left. Below, you can enjoy parts of our day through pictures. 

Looking at some of the fish at the Aquarium
 Trying to grab the octopus through the glass. 
 I think this was the penguin aquarium
 He enjoyed watching the turtle swim around
 And of course he LOVED splashing in the water. 
 Daddy & Little Man in the shark tank
 Walking up to the boat
 When we got on the boat, Little Man (and the rest of us) were ready for a snack
 Enjoying the boat ride
 It was so hot...Little Man was eating all of Daddy's ice
 Family picture on the boat
 Grandma, Grandpops & Little Man
 A bird feeding in the rainforest pyramid
 After a small nap, Little Man woke up and was ready to explore. I didn't get any pics, but he loved the butterfly exhibit. 
 Looking at the animals
 Grandpops bought Little Man some big, chocolate covered pretzels. I think he LOVED it. Once he sucked off the chocolate, he threw the pretzel at his daddy. 
 And he really loved the beach. I took him with me last year on a ladies retreat in Galveston, but he was 3 months old and only saw the beach when we walked on it a few minutes. This time he loved playing in the water. 
 He would sit and wait for the waves to come up,
 Then laugh and splash when they reached him.
 He had no fear of the water. 

 Had we let him, he would have run straight out into the ocean. We had to chase him more than once. 

I didn't take any pictures of dinner and the strand. We weren't there for long. But we had a great day in Galveston!


The Links said...

I don't think I've ever notice how light his hair is Has it always been so blonde, or did it just get light with the summer?

Joey Key said...

Micah had light hair when he was younger. Very good pics, looks like you guys had a blast.