Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Christmas

I'm noticing as I look through pictures that with each Christmas celebration, I took less and less pictures. In fact, with my dad's side of the family, I didn't take one picture. Probably because we drove straight from Dallas to my parent's house, and as soon as we walked in, they were ready to open gifts. I didn't even get my camera from the car. Oh well, we can only do so much. Kaden got several cute outfits from my Aunts & Uncles. He also got a stuffed dog, Scout, from his cousin Cole. Kaden loves Scout. He sings & talks to him. 

 This is Christmas night with my family.

 Here dad is off to a great start to the festivities!!!

This is the famous stair picture, We take one every year!

My brother & sisters...not really liking the whole picture idea!

Kaden's big present from Grammie & Papa! we can't wait for it to warm up some!!



 Kaden was more interested in the paper and boxes than anything else!!


More diapers...that's exciting!!! 


 And more paper...even more exciting!!

Among other things, Kaden had an A&M beanie & snacks in his stocking. 


Playing with his new toys. After being in the car and passed around by family, he was ready to crawl around and play!! 

Thank you Grammie & Papa and all the other Gilberts for all of my presents!!


The Links said...

Pearson was definiltey most excited about the paper too!!