Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Family Christmas

Our little family Christmas was a little different this year. Because we spent Christmas day with Micah's family, on the road, and then with my family, it was late when we got home.  Kaden was fast asleep for the night. Since it was late, Micah & I decided to do our gifts, and let Kaden wait until the morning to open his. Once again, I didn't take any pics.  But, Monday morning when Kaden woke up, I was ready!




 Kaden got all kids of goodies from Mommy & Daddy. Lots of big boy clothes cause he's so quickly growing out of his. Toys & books. He was definitely blessed this Christmas!! We had so much fun with our little guy and look forward to so many more Christmases with him!!

 The following were taken after Christmas with some of his new toys!


The Links said...

Precious pictures in front of the tree. I love a naked baby!! Too cute!!