Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kaden's First Christmas

Ok, I realize I am EXTREMELY behind on blogging. We hit the ground running the week before Christmas, and we didn't stop until Micah went back to work yesterday. And to celebrate being back on a semi-normal schedule, Kaden & I pretty much laid around and played all day yesterday. So, my goal today is to catch up on all my blogging: all of our Christmases, our vacation, and my review of 2011. Be prepared to read a lot and look at even more pictures! Here we go...

We started our Christmas celebrations in Dallas. Thursday after Micah got off work, we headed to Dallas. We spent Friday finalizing our Christmas shopping. Saturday, Christmas Eve, we had lunch with his dad's side of the family and dinner with his mom's side of the family. To say that we ate a lot would be an understatement. His Papa grilled steaks for lunch, and then his uncle made lasagna for dinner, so we consumed plenty of yummy food. You'll see in the following pics that Kaden had his share of food too. 

 Here Kaden is chowing down on a piece of toast. It kept him happy while the rest of us ate. 
 Kaden is being passed around at Micah's grandparents. To say he got a  lot of love and attention would also be an understatement!!

 This is Christmas morning when we woke up at Micah's parents house.

Kaden got all kinds of goodies from Grandma & Grandpops. Some gifts include diapers, feety pajamas, a book that sings nursery rhymes, a swing, and rocking chair, two train sets, and lots of other fun stuff!

 The swing stayed at Grandma & Grandpops, but we're excited to go back and swing in it!!

 Kisses from Maggie.
 After opening presents, we all gathered around the fire place to take some family pictures. 
 Daddy & Kaden
 Mommy, Daddy & Kaden
 Grandma, Grandpops, & Kaden
 Uncle Brandon & Kaden
 The whole gang
All the McMahon boys

After presents and pictures with Micah's family, we loaded up to head back South. We still had 3 Christmases to get to!!


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He is SO smiley!!1 I LOVE his jammies!!!