Tuesday, January 17, 2012

8 Months

So I haven't been off to a great start in 2012. But, in my defense, 2012 didn't start off so great. Kaden got sick (for real) for the first time. He's had a snotty nose, and an ear ache before. But this was his first fever-running, bad cough, double earache, had to go to the dr. to get meds sickness. Then, because my baby is so sweet, he shared his germs with me. So the past few days, I've been not feeling 100%. Oh, and to top it off, Kaden was cutting 4 top teeth all at the same time. So all that to say, sickly/grumpy baby & sickly/grumpy momma, don't make for good pictures. Which is why you're getting them a week late. But, all that aside, you still get a way cute, smiley baby! He's learned now what the camera is, and as soon as I pull it out, he starts smiling. 

At Kaden's 6 month check-up, he was 16lbs, 10oz and 25.75 in long (25th percentile for both). Last week we went in because he wasn't feeling good. He weighed 17lbs 13oz. So, he's growing. Which isn't surprising cause he loves to eat. 

Sleeping Habits:
 Oh the wonderful, and not so wonderful, world of sleep. It's an up and down battle for us. Every time we take a step forward, we take a couple backwards. We were doing good with the cryout method, until he learned to pull himself up. Then he'd get stuck in the standing position, and couldn't get back down. Or he'd fall and just get mad. So, we put that aside for a while. Then, when we thought we were doing better, he got sick. Apparently a cough and two ear infections will keep a kid up at night. Oh and so will cutting 4 teeth at once!! But, we're on the down side of all of those things, and I can tell just in the past 2 nights that he's 
sleeping better. So we shall see...

 Eating Habits: 
Kaden has been exploring more foods. He's very independent. He likes to feed himself...which doesn't really work well with baby food. However, he's decided he's not really a fan of baby food  anymore. He'd prefer to eat off mommy & daddy's plate. And we try to let him as much as possible. We've also been putting more foods on his tray to let him feed himself. I started buying the baby puffs, and teething cookies. He loves those, and it make outings and going out to eat so much more pleasant!! Plus, he can do those himself. That makes him happy...and makes us very happy! I am still nursing, although we may be starting the weaning process soon. He has 6 teeth...enough said!!

(Look at that little belly hanging out! :)) 

New Tricks:
 Kaden has graduated from the army crawl to the real crawl. I was beginning to wonder if he'd just skip that step and go straight to walking. He still army crawls sometimes, but he definitely crawls now. He's up and down all day long. Now he's figured out how to get back down when he pulls himself up, so he's on the move all day. His newest trick is "singing." The other day Micah pulled out his guitar just to play around. Kaden crawled straight to him and stood there and "sang" while Micah played. For Christmas he got a table that he can stand at. It plays music, and often Kaden can be heard "singing" along. A couple times I've caught him climbing up to the piano to play & sing. It's soooo cute!! My favorite is when I can hear him singing in the backseat of the car. He also waves bye bye now. He's got the hand motion down, and he says something that sounds more like dada, but it's bye bye. He does say dada, although I'm not sure if he knows it's dada. He's quite the talker these days.  

 Dr. Visits: 
We've been to the Dr. twice since his 6 month check-up. Once to get the second half of his flu shot. (The first flu shot comes in 2 doses.) The second time was just recently when we discovered he had a cold and two ear infections. 

  General Observations: 
He has been so fun lately!! We loved spending the holidays with him. He's a mess. Other than still being very much a mamma's boy. (He likes to be able to see me). He's getting independent. He likes to feed himself, hold his own drink, and play with his toys by himself. I believe he thinks he's bigger than he really is. That's ok...he's a smart boy!! 

(Giving him a toy was the only way to distract him from grabbing the magnet board...but it was short lived!)