Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Walk me to sleep

(picture with iPhone, thus the not so great quality)

Kaden & I have been going on daily walks. It's good for us. I don't always want to do it, but I make myself. It's good for the pounds I still want to lose. It's a good change of scenery, and gets us out of the house. The more I make myself get out, the more I enjoy. Last week, Kaden still wasn't feeling 100%, so the length of our walk depended on his mood. However, this week, he's done much better, and we've been able to stay out 30-45min most days. I'm hoping to continue to add time and length to our daily walks. Apparently Monday we went out for a walk a little too close to nap time. As we were rounding the corner to home, I looked down to find him like this. Notice the propped up leg....that's my favorite part!! Usually he props one leg up on the cup holder part, but this time he got really comfortable. Also, notice Sophie (the giraffe). He always has either Sophie or a ball in his or the other. I make sure he has several toys to distract him while we walk, but most of the time he just holds on to one and enjoys the outside scenery. We're getting to where we love our walk every day!


Amber said...

He's so stinking cute!