Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lunch time

Apparently Kaden has decided he's too big for baby food. I mean really...he's 8 months already!! But I haven't really had any luck getting him to eat baby food the past week or so. Every now and then, if I mix it with baby cereal to thicken it up, he'll eat it. But usually an open container just goes to waste. So I've had to explore other options. Enter frozen veggies. 

 Mr. Independent can grab these and feed them to himself, so he likes that. 

 He also tries to use a spoon, but as you can see in all the pictures, he has it in backwards. He's only successful if I help him...which he's not a fan of!!
 He has the funniest way of grabbing food and feeding it to himself. He picks whatever it is up with his fist, than wiggles his fingers until the food slides up between his thumb and pointer finger. 
 I don't know how he does it. I've tried it. But he can get anything he wants in his mouth. 
 We've also noticed that he uses both hands. I actually think he uses his left hand more sometimes. Micah & I are both right handed. So we shall see. 
 Look at how he focuses on the spoon. He really does want to be using it all on his own. 
 Yummy food-filled smile!!
 Very intently picking up a piece of food. 
 I think at this point he's trying to figure out why I'm still taking pictures of him eating. He's so darn cute to watch though!!
 Notice, even if I give him a bite of my food, with my fork, he has to help hold it & guide it to his mouth. He is a pro at this you know!! 


The Links said...

My Mom said when I was a baby that I was DONE with baby food at 9 months. I wouldn't even eat anything that resemble mashed potatoes, oatmeal, applesauce, etc.

And on the topic of Project Life....if you are interested in starting, I would start now even if you don't have the products. All you have to know is that the pockets are 4x6 and 3x4. Just start taking pictures and cutting them down to that size, jot down notes about what you want to journal about and when the stuff comes in you can just slide it all in!! I would love to have some "in real life" friends rather than internet friends doing this along with me!! It is so much easier than actually scrapbooking but I think you get the same result!