Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top 11 in 20011

Of all the thousands of pictures I took t his year, and I do mean thousands, I tried to pick my top 11 favorites from 2011. That was extremely hard...and probably why I saved this blog for last. But, I did my best. If I had to look again, I'd probably pick 11 new pictures, but we'll stick we these. And they're not in any order.

Totally not a good picture,  but I love the moment it captured!!

He was only a thumb sucker for a short while, but we loved it while it lasted!

I don't know what it is about this pic, but it's so Kaden!!

Gotta love cuddly boys!!


Chubby thighs + feet in his mouth = perfect!

You can barely see the two bottom teeth. And his love for bath time!


Love that big, happy smile!

And his pouty face!!

How grown up he looks!!

Love them all and so much more!!!