Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

Sunday we celebrated Micah's 2nd Father's Day. He's such a great daddy! We were running a little behind schedule Sunday morning, so we decided to do gifts right after church. On our way home from church, K fell asleep. This is how he looked while Micah opened gifts. 
I didn't go over the top for gifts. I did a homemade gift (thank you Pinterest), and special photo gift for Daddy. 
I cut the bottom off of pop top cans, cleaned out the cans, filled them with some of his favorite treats, covered the can with scrapbook paper, and made a little sticker for the can. Simple, and fun. 
Micah's cans were filled with Hershey's Kissed w/ Almonds, Peanut M&Ms, & honey roasted peanuts. Some of his favorite sweets.
This, however, was my favorite gift. I had a friend of mine take some pics of K holding up these letters. He was very uncooperative, but she still managed to get some good pics. I also made pics that said Papa & Pops for his grandpas. 
After we did gifts, we went to my Uncle's house for lunch. We were celebrating, in addition to Father's Day, my Papa's 90th birthday. Kaden had fun playing outside while my Uncle was grilling. 
However, it had rained the day before, and K found the one puddle in the flower bed. You can see the mud on his leg.
So we let him enjoy the warm day in just a diaper for a while.
When we got back inside, he tried to attack his cousin Gillian for her banana. 
And then he made himself comfortable in the dog crate.
He had so much fun with the dogs. Crawling in and out of the crate, sharing his snacks, and "talking"to them. 
He even let them lick his leftovers of his fingers. How sweet is that!
When we got home from the party, we headed over to the pool. 
K and daddy had so much fun swimming and playing together. 
Having daddy there was extra nice since he's always stuck with mommy. 
He carried his bucket around and had a great time!
We had a nice, relaxing Father's Day! Hope you did too!!