Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Unexpected Birthday Surprise

Last week, as I opened the door to go run some errands, I nearly tripped over a box that I didn't realize had even been delivered. I wasn't expecting anything. I texted Micah, and he wasn't expecting anything. I recognized the return address as his parents, so I decided to go ahead and open it.
Inside were all kinds of goodies for Kaden. There were also a few things of Micah's that had been left or found by his parents. But, the majority of it was for Kaden. Tons of new books. Several were from Micah's brother Brandon up in Pittsburgh. There were also swim diapers, toys, clothes & more books.
He had fun digging through all the new toys and books. It's always fun to get unexpected surprises!
Thanks Brandon, Grandma, and Grandpops!