Tuesday, June 26, 2012


One of the things on our Summer List is Splashway. Splashway is a little water park, about an hour away, located in the middle of nowhere. We stumbled upon Splashway a couple years ago, and have loved it ever since. It's nothing too fancy, but it's decently priced, family friendly, & you can bring your own food/drinks. It's small enough that you can let the kids run free, and it's perfectly safe. 
When we first got there and headed for the water, K was not in a great mood. I was beginning to question our being there. However, after a good snack break, we headed back for the water and he was perfectly happy. 
It takes him a while to warm up to the water sometimes, and I think all the big kids were overwhelming him. We found  a little kiddie area where he was able to roam free and explore. We had a little vest shirt on him, and he did not like it. Plus, he doesn't like being held onto. He's very independent...which is not good around water at his age. 
However, the pool area we found was very shallow. He was able to sit in it and play. It was perfect. 
After he played for an hour or two, he passed out. He took a good hour nap on the picnic table, in the shade. 
When he woke up, after a snack, we headed back to the kiddie area. He loved these water jets that bubbled in the water.
He also figured out how to climb up and slide down the slide on his own. 

But that didn't keep the big kids from trying to help him. 

He would climb up the steps. 
Hit the top landing.
Turn himself around and lay on his belly.
Then slide down. Smiling & laughing the whole time.
Then he'd repeat the process. 

We had a great time at the Splashway park. 

We look forward to many trips back this summer!