Monday, March 5, 2012

Project Life

Project Life. Have you heard of it? I hadn't until just recently. Then I started seeing it and reading about it all over various blogs, Pinterest, etc. It's a very easy way to get your pictures off of the computer and into an album. If you want to know more about Project Life, you can go here. There are several ways to do Project Life. A picture a day, a general photo album, or what I believe is the most popular way, a spread every week. That's how I've chosen to do it. This is replacing my long lost scrapbooking days. When I was in college, we scrapbooked all the time. We had scrapbooking marathons. We even had a scrapbooking room in our house my Senior year. However, though I love it, when I started teaching, then had a baby, those days were long gone. I still have tons of stuff, but no time to do it. So, enter Project Life. I describe it as a mix between old fashion photo albums where you slide the picture in & scrapbooking. You can make it as complex or as simple as you want. I was late in getting started because the kit I wanted was out of stock until just recently. So, I've just completed the beginning of the year, and I'm all caught up. I'm hoping to post my spreads weekly. Assuming I can keep up with it as good as I have been.

 Here's Week 1: Jan.1st-Jan7th