Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Houston Rodeo: Take 2

Every year we take a family trip to the Rodeo. Last night we went to the Rodeo & concert. We saw the Zac Brown Band. It was a really good concert!
 Daisy was wearing Kaden's hat since he wasn't interested in wearing it. Kaden fell asleep on the way to the rodeo, and slept the whole bus ride until we got to the rodeo. 
 The first thing I wanted to do was ride the carousel. I had a feeling Kaden would like it, and when Micah & I took Kaden it was drizzling off and on and cool outside, so we didn't ride it. 
 Oh my goodness, look at my handsome cowboy with his hat and boots. 
 Daisy & Serena had fun on the carousel as well. 

 I'm so glad we rode it. It's the little things in life that make you happy!

 While we were walking through the livestock show looking at the animals, someone asked my dad if Kaden would like to pet the cow. Of course he loved it. We even sat him on top of the cow, and he probably would have hung out there all night. 
 Kaden was so good during the rodeo. He was clapping and cheering the whole time. Right before the concert started they turned out the lights and had fireworks. He stared the whole time, then his little chin started to quiver. I think the last loud pop scared him a little. But, once the music started, he fell asleep and slept the whole concert. 
 We had a great time with our family at the rodeo!


Unknown said...

Love seeing your beautiful family of 3 Kaden is one cute little cowboy! Thanks for sharing!

The Links said...

I love his little hat and boots!! Too cute!!