Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Track Meet & Park

This past Thursday my sister, Daisy, had her first high school track meet. She's a freshman, but she made the JV team. Of course, Kaden and I went out to cheer her on. She did so good for her first meet!! 

 Unfortunately, because she was in so many events, she didn't get to finish her triple jump event. She had to scratch her last jump so she could get to her 100 meter relay. She came in 4th for the triple jump! Next time, she's determined to get top 3!!
 They came in first for the 4x100 relay, 2nd for the 4x200 relay, and she came in 6th (out of 25-30) for the 100 meter. We're so proud of her!
 In other news, this little dresser sits in Kaden's play room. Usually, it houses his toys (when they're not all over the floor). Kaden has decided he likes to sit in the dresser to play. He's so cute...he always smiles at me with this mischievous little smile! He's so funny!!
 Monday Micah got home earlier than usual from work. I have Bible study on Monday nights, but we decided to walk to the park before I had to leave. It's still a little big for him, but he loved going down the slides!! The smiles speak for themselves!!!