Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Houston Rodeo Take 1

Saturday we took a little family trip to the Houston Rodeo. We didn't actually go to the rodeo and concert, we just went to the livestock show and walked around the carnival. This is Kaden & I when we first got to the Rodeo. As you can see, he's already pulling off his hat, and he's looking at us like "you're crazy if you think I'm wearing this all day!!"
While we were looking at all the animals, we ran into my brother & his friend Dana. They were headed to the rodeo and concert, but hung out with us for a few minutes. 
 Kaden LOVED seeing & petting the animals. One lady let us stop and pet her pig. 
 He was "talking" and yelling at the pig (and all the animals) the whole time. 

 Kaden & daddy were watching the cow show. 
Is this not the cutest little cowboy you've ever seen??
Kaden loves riding on top of people's shoulders.  I think he likes to be high and able to see all around. He also loves his Uncle Ryan.
His favorite part, by far, was the petting zoo. We bought some food and let him feed the animals. He was so excited to touch them. 

 Good thing the animals are so good with kids. He was petting, hitting, yelling, so excited to see/play with them. 


We had so much fun at the rodeo. We had some great food! Walked through all the exhibits. And loved watching our little guy have so much fun. I love that he's able to interact and participate more these days. I know we have some very exciting and fun days ahead!!