Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Visit to the Ranch

Sunday after church we all headed out to my Aunt & Uncle's ranch for the afternoon/evening. We always have a good time when we go hang out with them. 
My Uncle made ribs, and we gave Kaden a bone to chew on. As a teething baby, he liked having a chew toy.
It had been raining for several days, so there was mud and standing water everywhere, but that didn't stop us from exploring for a little bit. 

 There are two things that Kaden loves: swinging & his Aunt Daisy. Swinging with his Aunt Daisy was a bonus for him! He was all grins the whole time!! There was even some giggles while they were swinging. 

 Then he decided to lay back and just get comfy. Had him & Daisy stayed on the swings for too much longer, I'm pretty sure he would have passed out. 

 Then we put Kaden on the tire "horse" swing. I wasn't quite sure he could balance by himself, so I stayed close by, but he was loving it!

 We introduced Kaden to some of the horses. He wasn't all that amused. But it was nap time, and he was getting tired. 

(Kaden playing peek-a-boo with Uncle Ryan)
 My Uncle had a fire going in the pit, and we all sat outside talking for hours. Kaden roamed from person to person, giving the dogs kisses along the way. (and sharing his snacks with them)

 My Uncle loved how Kaden would smile and pose whenever I got the camera out. 
We had a great family day at the ranch!!!


The Links said...

That first picture of Daisy and Kaden is SO good!