Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift

This Valentine's Day, I decided to try to get a little crafty for my hubby's gift. Thanks to Pinterest and this awesome website, I had lots of great ideas to choose from. I settled on two, and thought I'd share one with you. I found this idea through Pinterest, but the original idea can be found here. Here's how I did it. 
(Disclaimer: I've discover I'm not very good at taking step-by-step pics. Sorry, but you'll get the idea.) 

I bought a 6 pack of Crush. I chose Crush because the bottles were clear. Since there was no way I was going to down 6 bottles, I dumped them into a pitcher. 

I pulled off all the stickers, and soaked the bottles to get all the glue off. That took a little bit of scrubbing. 

Then I laid the bottles out to dry. 

While they were drying, I started painting the box. I chose black, but you can pick any color. Spray paint probably would have been easier, but with the baby, weather, etc., I did what I could. 

One of the harder parts of this project was picking Micah's favorite snacks that would fit into the bottle opening. I managed to do it. He did, however, get two bottles of sunflower seeds. That's ok because he LOVES sunflower seeds. 

Once I put the snacks into each bottle, I decorated the box. (This is where I got a little lazy on the pics.) I tried not to make it too girly, but show that it was a Valentine's gift and I do love him!

I attached little tags to each bottle. (Just in case he couldn't figure out what was in them ;). I set it by his keys after he went to bed, so he'd find it the next morning. He took it to work with him so he'd have something to snack on during the day...which turned out to be a good idea cause he didn't get a lunch break that day! And, believe it or not, he got lots of "cool," "where'd you get that," positive comments from the guys at work. I was hoping they didn't give him a hard time for bringing his wife's home-made valentine's gift to work!!

I think he really enjoyed it, and I had fun making it. I love Pinterest!!! I also made something similar to this. But lets be honest, I'm sure the favorite gift was the one involving the food! ;) Also, below is a pic of Kaden enjoying his Valentine gift. Yes I know it has nothing to do with Valentine's Day, but really, he's a 9 month old boy. He loves trucks & blocks!!